Delegating your finances to “an expert” is giving away your power

Don’t expect your bookkeeper or accountant to fix your finances and protect your profitability. Their job is to look backwards and focus on what has already happened.

Your Job is to Focus on the Fun Stuff: Imagining all of the possibilities that your money has in store for you and giving it purpose.

Are you thinking that there is no way that looking at your money could be “fun”?

You’re not alone.

Here are some things that clients have shared that they would rather do than focus on their money:

“I would rather bury a dead chicken in the frozen ground in the dead of winter.”

“When I was diagnosed with cancer a second time, I was scared. Not because I was facing cancer again, because I knew I finally had to face my numbers.”

“It was easier to live with debt than to look at my numbers and make a change”

Here is the good news:

The anxiety that you are feeling around money is 100% reversible and not your fault.

The Financial Industry has Failed You.

Stressing about money can seriously put a damper on the creative process. It creates a fight or flight stress response in your nervous system which can create massive overwhelm, resistance and fear.

Let’s be real for a sec. Most education around money has focused on bookkeeping and taxes. While those two roles are essential to any business, they look backwards and in the past at what has already happened in your business. We guide you on how to look forward with your finances.

What could be fun about managing your money? Keep reading 😉

If you’re excited about…

All of the possibilities that your business can do for you and your family but deep down feel like until this money thing is figured out, you are stuck…

If you wake up…

Both excited to make money and scared to look at your bank account…

If you’re tired of… 

Relying on your accountant or bookkeeper to tell you how you are doing financially (and at the same time feeling more confused after the conversation)…

Then you’re in the right place.

And let me first shower you with some confetti, love, and kindness. Who decided money had to be so freaking complicated?

Welcome to the safe and non-judgmental world of Profit for Joy® where we make money simple and bring it back to looking at it as a neutral resource that allows you to live a life with joy.

You are home and I can’t wait to see you surprise yourself with your beautiful inner financial wisdom (trust me, if you have ever spent or made money, it’s there).

Impact Driven Entrepreneurs Thrive When They Have These 3 Things:

A revenue goal that is dream inclusive

A business model that aligns with that dream

Forgiveness, release, and permission to make more money

Our goal is to empower you…

With knowledge and guide you to running a business that is both profitable and provides you and your family with what matters most to you.

Stop chasing what you think you should be achieving.

Releasing of comparisons allows you to fully embrace giving purpose to your money that will align with your life goals and dreams.

our process guides you to

Figure out what really matters to you.

De-dramatize the revenue goal – it’s just a number (you do you).

Connect your revenue goal to what really matters to you.

Heal your relationship with money.

Taking care of your money doesn’t have to squash your creativity.

I’m Amber Dugger, a Cash Flow and Profitability Coach to 6, 7, and 8-figure service-based online businesses looking to gain clarity on where their money is going and how to best give it purpose, all while increasing profitability and impact.

I only work with businesses that I know I can help to accomplish that.

When you join our community you can look forward to…

Breaking generational cycles that surround your money story and create a new one

Profit for Joy® Pinterest Boards (think online Vision Boards)

Treating your entire family to dinner without stressing if it is a good idea.

Profit Distributions and Celebrations

Taking your dog to the vet without being worried about whether or not you can pay the bill.

Being prepared for the holidays and not putting a single gift on a credit card.

No longer need to borrow money from family members anymore and being able to depend on yourself.

My business is now on a very steady incline because of Amber. If you need help understanding the money stuff in your business, work with Amber!

Kimra Luna

Business Coach

5 Key Strategies To Permanent Profitability

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