We have all been there. The buzzer goes off and you have hit snooze one too many times. You start the day in a rush and feel like you are behind all day long. Rushing to the gym, work, day care, the grocery store and get home with little to no energy to cook, let alone think you have time to do something for *gasp* yourself.  Most of us are willing to go above and beyond for those we love but when it comes to actually doing something for ourselves, we tend to cut ourselves short.  While we wouldn’t bear to neglect our family, friends and children, why is it that we forget about the importance of making time for ourselves?  Guilt?  Lack of prioritization?  This is where you need to stop and ask yourself exactly why you aren’t putting YOU first.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t care for yourself, who is going to?  How are you going to be able to give your best self to your loved ones if you are neglecting yourself?  It may feel like you are being selfish by taking care of yourself first, but it is quite the opposite.  There are an infinite amount of needs and wants waiting for someone to act in this world; however, there is only a very finite amount of time and energy each one of us possess.

What does self care mean?  Ask yourself that exact question.  Self care can be different for everyone.  It may be getting up 20 minutes earlier to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet with your favorite book.  It could be sneaking in a brisk walk in the park during the day.  Perhaps buying a small bottle of essential oil and drawing a bath with just a few drops to set up a spa like setting.  Simply pausing for a moment and being grateful can do wonders for your psyche.  Whatever you choose, make it a point this week to do something just for you each and every day.  Set a reminder on your phone if you think that will help.  Your future self will smile back and thank you for it.



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