The words stressed and holidays sadly seem to go hand in hand. Each year, we get busier and during the holidays, the demands that are made on our time seem to double or even triple. We have “mandatory” holiday parties for work, children’s plays, cookie swaps, tree lightings, parades, shopping, mailing, gingerbread houses….the list goes on. How does one do it all?


But what about matching cookie tins for all of my co-workers? What will the neighbors think when I don’t show up to X? Honestly, in five years, no one will remember.  It’s true.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in wanting to meet other’s expectations that we forget what is really important.

Easier said than done, right?  Well, let me share with you – there is a way.  Consider asking your immediate family members and any close friends or family that you would want to include in the holiday season what thing or event makes their holidays complete.  Take this short list and schedule them out in your calendar and don’t sweat the rest.  Life will go on.  You will get the most important things in and it is a great way to learn what really is important to those you love.



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