We all procrastinate.  Even the most successful, most accomplished, and dedicated.  But why do we all do it?  Why can’t we just put a fire under our butts and get it done?  It is because it feels good to put off what makes us uncomfortable.  Even if it is just for a few moments, the act of putting off something that doesn’t give us immediate satisfaction gives us a boost of endorphins.

Procrastination is a form of addiction.

When I learned this, a light bulb went off.  At first, I questioned it.  How can procrastination be a form of addiction?  I am not an addict!  I am disciplined, dedicated and try to maintain balance.  But I do procrastinate.  But how could I be addicted to procrastination?  When I learned that one can view procrastination as an addiction, it all just made sense to me.  Of course we only usually procrastinate on things that we don’t really want to do, don’t know how to start to do, or just down right feel uncomfortable to do.  So how do we overcome this?

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I am sure that wasn’t exactly what you were hoping to hear.  Trust me, neither was I.  But it brought me back to the mat which is where I first heard this line of thinking.  Yoga embraces the teachings of being comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Certain yoga poses when held begin to be uncomfortable.  But then you are reminded to breathe through it and learn to relax the mind and accept that it is uncomfortable but not intolerable.  We then move to a new pose and the body feels a release like no other and you gain this confidence that you can tolerate uncomfortable moments with grace.  The same thing can be applied to situations in which you recognize that you are beginning to be wooed by the idea of waiting a little bit longer to start.  Once you recognize that you are starting to procrastinate, this is your chance to beat it down. Remind yourself that you are only going to be uncomfortable for a short while.  This is because once you actually start the task that you have been avoiding, you will start to get in a flow.  It may not be immediately, but it will happen.  Once you have completed your task, the feeling of accomplishment and pride will be much better than the instant gratification that you are accustomed to receiving by putting it off.  Next time you are starting to feel the soothing calls of procrastination, try this technique out.  Have another suggestion?  I would love to hear some tricks that you use to beat procrastination’s butt.

Until then, go try this now instead of later. 😉


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