I had quite a breakthrough this week (thank you, Amanda J. Daley). I have been pondering on how best to serve you, my lovely group of beautiful people. I feel so strongly about so many topics and I am definitely multi-passionate. That said, there is one thing that it all comes back to.
Everything we do stems back to love. Self care, creativity, dedication, money mindset, freedom of choice and the list goes on.
Do you love yourself? Does that sound icky to say it? No? Good. It shouldn’t. As a society, there is so much guilt associated with self-care and putting yourself first as it is coined as being selfish. This is furthest from the truth.
Self Love and Self Care are the most important components of providing love and support for others.

Without your engines having the ability to burn at 100%, how are you expected to be able to hold things together for others?
I have said this before, and I will say it again. YOU are important. YOU deserve some time for yourself. Say this with love. Say this with compassion for yourself. You are worth it.
I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts around putting time for yourself? What gets in the way? What comes to mind when you are challenged to put time in the calendar for self-love?
I am now going to go back to letting all of this sink in. I have many areas that I could provide value (money mindset, dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome, low-tox lifestyle, going back to nature, natural skincare, creativity, and the list goes on) and you will continue to see all of these in my posts to you all, but bottom line is – it all comes back to love and self-care. Without that, nothing else is sustainable. <3
Image credit: https://chibird.com/post/109164737819/we-could-all-use-a-little-more-self-love-3-its

Image credit: https://chibird.com/post/109164737819/we-could-all-use-a-little-more-self-love-3-its

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