Budget Challenge Starts this Monday!

Oh my gosh! I am overwhelmed with the response to my budget challenge. We have an amazing group of people! If you have been waiting, now it the time to sign up.
Our challenge officially starts this Monday!
Does the following come to mind when you think of the word budget?
  •  scary
  • complicated
  • restrictions
  • doing without
  • not free to do what you want
If so, then this challenge is for you! Don’t wait any longer – this is going to be lots of fun and you will never think of budgeting the same again. 🙂
I am most grateful for you to share this with your friends. There will be prizes, people! <3
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Amber Dugger

Hi! My name is Amber Dugger and I am a location independent online business owner. I am a certified mastery level Profit First Professional, hold degrees in International Business and Finance, and am also a certified Health Coach (INHC). I combine a holistic approach with practical action steps to get my clients set up for financial success and most importantly, sustainability. My clients leave knowing how to bring in money, how much money they want and a simple and effective system in place that allows them to know what to do with their money once they have it.

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