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I go on a morning walk with my dog most mornings. Today it was this foggy, overcast day. It was beautiful because the leaves are just starting to come out, and it finally is starting to feel a little bit like spring around here. It has been freezing lately. I don’t know what’s going on, but it is May in Virginia, and it should be warm!  I am definitely  looking forward to warmer weather.

While on my walk, I was thinking about the power of intention. Before I left my corporate job, if someone had told me, “You need to look into the power of intention,” I would have looked at them and kind of thought they were… I don’t know. Not that I’m saying I’m judgemental, but I don’t know if I would have actually believed it.  And my guess is many of you may also be in that boat. And I don’t blame you. It definitely is a little bit on the woo-woo train.

I was looking back through my B-school notes. And before I left my job… By the way, in April, I had absolutely no idea that I was going to leave my job in July. We were doing some dreamlining. And we were talking about what we wanted to get out of our business and my vision. So, what I wrote… Of course, now I’m going to have a hard time finding it. I should have done this before I started the video.

It was crazy what I wrote because… Darn it. Where the heck is it? Hold on.

Okay. I’m going to learn how to edit and actually put these videos together. So, let’s see how we do. Alright. I found it. This was a profit clarity module of B-school thing, and it basically is all about clarity equals power.

So, I wrote down my business and personal goals, or what I wanted out of B-school. And I said I want to create both residual income streams and make time for one-on-one clients. I love to work one-on-one and would like to continue to do that as part of my business model. I would like to gain confidence, speaking in front of groups, and feeling grounded.

I would like to eventually feel confident leaving my job and being able to do this full time. By the end of 2016 — and mind you, this was written in March of 2015, I would like to be able to have enough to leave my corporate job. By the end of 2015, I would like to have paid off my car and my IIN loan.

I would like to have my independence, not feel caught up in the rat race, and live the life that gives me and others joy. I want to live by my Papa’s last words to me: “Pursue the things you enjoy.”

Now, what’s crazy about me writing this down is I completely forgot about this. It was in my mind. I definitely wanted these things to happen. But when I look back, I had some really amazing things happen over the next few months. I was able to leave my job in July. I had so many clients. And I wasn’t planning on that. And then, also, I was able to pay off my loan because of all my clients. And I paid off my car because of my clients. And I was able to leave my job.

And then, I got the opportunity to go to Bali. And then in Bali, I was encouraged to speak in public in various groups. So, then I got confidence doing public speaking, and I found that I love it.

So, not only did all of this happen way faster, but it was because I wrote it down and I put it out there, and I said, “This is what I want.”

Now, that’s the first example.

The second example. I was in Bali. I had been living in Bali for two months. I knew I had to move. We had only one day, and we had to be out of this villa that I was renting with a couple of friends. From being in Bali for two months, I knew exactly what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to live in a place that didn’t have sunlight, or didn’t have beautiful outdoor bathroom that I saw a lot of people have. So, I had a very specific vision in mind of what I was looking for. I wanted an outdoor bathroom. I wanted a beautiful garden. I wanted a bale which is like a little meditation space that had a view and a sunrise. That was really important. And I wanted mosquito netting, and I wanted it to be quiet. Now, quiet is a relative term in Bali, but I didn’t want there to be a lot of road noise.

I went and looked at five different places. And nothing even came close to what I was looking for. And I also had a specific budget. So, I said, you know what. I don’t care that I don’t have a place to live. If I have to stay on someone’s couch, I’ll do that. But I know that it’s out there, and I’m going to look until it’s there. And this is what I want.

I was in a cafe, because I had a freelance job that I had to do. And I was a little bit apprehensive about getting that done, and I didn’t have a place to live, and the sun was setting, and I was like, “I am changing. Because this would have freaked me out a year ago, but now I’m rolling with the punches.” I’m like, “Okay.”

And I see this girl that I’d met a week earlier at an event. And she was having a cup of tea. And I said, “I’m so sorry. I would love to chat with you, but I am so, so behind right now, and I don’t have a place to live. There’s just a lot of stuff going on.”

And she said, “Oh, you’re looking for a place to live. What kind of place are you looking for?”

I went on to basically describe the room that she had available, all the way down to the garden, the bale, the outdoor shower. And only thing that was missing was mosquito netting. And she said, “But that’s actually okay, because they treat the entire grounds for mosquitoes. And we have air-conditioning.”

Score. I mean, that’s even better. So, I was able to drive over there before the sunset, saw the most amazing, beautiful sunset with rice paddy views, got to the house… She had actually just gotten all ready, because she thought she was going to have an AirBnB or couch surfer person stay in the room, so it had flowers in there. There were towels on the bed, and we just thought it was super crazy. We were roommates for four months because of the way it happened. Because she also didn’t advertise the room, because she said that she really wanted someone that truly appreciated the beauty of the place.

And did I ever. To this day, I am missing every minute not being there, because it was incredibly beautiful. And the family was beautiful, and it was just so well done, and so well thought out, and it felt like home. And I didn’t settle. And I didn’t freak out.

And it was because I put it out there. I said, “This was what I want.”

Now, those are two pretty big examples. And it hit me this morning. I was like, “Wow. Those are two really big examples of the power of intention.”

So I wanted to share this with you, and just to really put it out there and say, if there’s something that you’re wanting or if you’re just not happy, and you know that there is something that would really make you happy or really change your life for the better, just put it out there. Start thinking about it. Start saying, “This is what I want.” Be specific. Because until you’re clear, the universe is not going to provide. So, I know that’s all woo-woo, but I’m telling you, I have heard so many stories. And this is just two of them. But I’ve met so many people who’ve had similar experiences.

So, I would love to hear your thoughts and any sort of example, if you’ve ever had anything like this happen to you, in the comments below.

Much love to you,

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