In today’s vlog, I am sharing with you a concept that has helped me IMMENSELY in changing my thought pattern to achieve things that I used to not even be able to imagine.  I attribute this concept to leaving my corporate job, moving to Bali for 6 months and making shifts in my business that would not have happened without this way of thinking.  Do you often feel like you want to live a different life but you immediately think to your financial obligations and shut yourself down?  This video was made for you, my dear.

Take a moment and watch the video.  Can’t watch a video right now?  No worries.  I have the transcription below:

Transcription of video above:

Hey, everyone! Happy Friday. So, I’m here with you today from the City of Fairfax, and I am out in their city park, and we actually have free wi-fi out here. So, it’s pretty awesome. I’m here to talk to you today about something that is a really an useful concept that can help you shift your thinking when you are considering your financial situation or a position that you have and thinking that you may be stuck.

So, I hear this a lot. “I would love to leave my job, but I can’t afford it. I can’t afford to not have the salary, because I have a house mortgage that’s really high,” or “I have car payments,” or “I have…” You know, all these different things that are obligations that we’ve created to supplement our life to imrpove it.

We get to a point where we may possibly think that we need a certain lifestyle. And in order to do that, we put ourselves in situations where we’re spending a lot of money and many times making a lot of money. This comes with a sense of entrapment, like we can’t get out of this, because there’s no way that we could live our life any other way.

So, the reason I mention this is that I hear this a lot. I hear people who want to get out of their jobs and start their own business, or they want to stop doing the side hustle and make it a full time job.

And I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can do that, but it all starts with your beliefs. So, think of this — your beliefs will then go to what you think. So, your belief turns into your thought. And then your thoughts turn into your actions. And your actions result in behavior, and your behavior gives you certain results, which then feed back into your belief, because it justifies your beliefs. The results justify the beliefs. So, this cycle can be pretty destructive when you start with a limiting belief.

So, if you have a belief that you can never leave your job, you can’t afford to leave your job…think about that. What does that create in terms of a thought pattern? It makes you feel stuck. And if you’re stuck, you don’t do anything about it. And if you don’t do anything about it, then you feel defeated, you feel like there’s no way out. And then, of course, the result is that there’s no way out, and that justifies your belief that you’re stuck.
Now, think for a moment, that if you believed that you could get out of this situation. And that then allowed you to think of ways that you could actually change your quality of life. You could possibly downgrade your car or maybe get rid of a car. There’s all sorts of things that you could think about that you could do. Well, that will result in an action. You may decide to forego a monthly expense that you’ve had for a long time. You may decide to start taking the bus more, or start making gourmet meals at home instead of going out to dinner. All of these things are things that will result in actions that will then result in behavior.

So, you’ll start spending money on things that truly matter to you and that are adding value, but not on things that don’t really make a difference to you one way or the other. And that results a belief that you can get out of your situation, because you’re slowly dropping off financial obligations.

What I want you to do is take this and think of your own particular situation, and put yourself through that cycle of your beliefs — if you were stuck or if you weren’t stuck — and see what the ultimate result is. And I think you’ll surprise yourself.
So, I’d love to hear in the comments below what you came up with, or you can, of course, email me. I love to hear from you guys. And I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Amber with Love

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