You wear lots of hats as a solopreneur.  I get it.  At 8am you are the marketing manager, 8:30 the bookkeeper, 10am IT Help Desk….  But let me ask you this.  How often do you look at your profit?  Do you know what your profit is?  Do you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water with your business?  

Without profit, you can’t grow sustainably, plain and simple.

Does this mean that you immediately become a greedy, money-hungry, unauthentic business mongrel the moment you start thinking about profit?  Of course not!  Not looking at your profit is the number one way to financial failure, i.e. running a hobby business or one that you can’t invest in to reach more people.

Many business owners simply focus on income.  $5K months!  $10K months!  $80K months!  You get the picture.  This is great except without also focusing on what that money is doing for you and your business, it becomes a zero sum game.

Wealth accumulation and running a truly profitable business is simply taking in more money than you put out.  Simple, right?  

So now ask yourself, are you running a profitable business?  Are you paying yourself a regular wage?  Do you know what your monthly biz expenses are?

To achieve true financial freedom, having clarity and awareness of what your money is doing for you and your business is essential.

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