As a creative, your headspace is your workspace.  And this is a very special and sacred space indeed.  This is where all of your amazing ideas and momentum that fuels your business, your livelihood, and your life originate from.

As the sole protector of this precious space, you want to do everything to keep the creative juices flowing.

Stress is your evil nemesis.  

You may notice that when you are stressed, it is harder to get that blog post out, harder to think clearly and creating a sense of dullness when all you want to do is shine.

From both personal experience and from many conversations under the Balinese sun with creative entrepreneurs, I know that a lot of this stress can come from that dreaded subject…money.

Money?  We can deal with this another time, right?  I have a webinar platform to go research (waaaay more enticing than talking about that dreaded subject).  Yuck.

You have zero time for dealing with money.  You don’t want to appear greedy, amiright? Only sell-outs start caring about money. Or those weird, bean counter types.

Dealing with money is too complex, intimidating and just plain boring.

Next subject, please?

Gotcha.  Honestly, totally gotcha.

Give me a few more minutes, will ya?

Imagine the two of us sitting in a cute cafe adorned with chalkboard menus of Today’s Tapas and sharing a fresh pot of  tea.  A little breeze wafts through the cafe.  Life is good.

{Insert screeching tire noise here}

We then start talking about money.  You have a sudden “appointment” come up because honestly, you really don’t want to spend a moment talking about that boring subject of finances, even if it is with someone you love.

I, on the other hand, am feeling that same excitement that a creative entrepreneur feels when the next amazing blog idea or business venture appears.

I am about to share with you my secret to putting your money stories behind you.

I am about to witness the empowering magic of the karmic flow of money.

And yes, my friend, this is about to happen with you.

Articulating your financial goals into a beautiful, powerful, gorgeous VISION allows you to move past the ambivalence.  

With your vision, front and center, and with a clear, simple, fool-proof step by step plan to execute, you start to experience the magic of being purposefully driven and purposefully profitable.

You have clear goals and know what you are going to do with that money as it comes in.

You have opened the floodgates and are now trusted by the universe to receive because you know exactly what you are going to do with every dollar that flows into your creative business.

Dealing with money doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or intimidating.

With my Profit on Purpose group program, we create this golden sphere of empowerment, forgiveness and compassion.  We heal, get clear on our vision and create space for the beautiful abundance to flow in.  We create and prepare for Profit with Purpose.

When money has purpose, magic happens.

Lives are changed.

Glass ceilings are broken.

Goals are CRUSHED.

The possibilities that you dreamt of on your last run or yoga practice are becoming real. You can thank yourself.  You can love yourself.  You created this reality.

Your creative energy fuels me to serve you.  Your passion gives me purpose.  And I want to help you give purpose to that beautiful energy that you will welcome with open arms (yes, money = energy).

Doors for my next round of Profit on Purpose open in September.

I will leave you with words that were recently shared by Sally Hogshead, Founder of How to Fascinate.

The most powerful way to empower someone is to show them their highest value.

Think of a fellow creative entrepreneur and think of her highest value.  What do you know deep down that she can do?  Take a moment to share your vision of her highest value.  Think she might enjoy this post? Include a link as well. <3




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