Have you read Profit First and wondered – what do you do with the profit?🤔 

You are not alone!  This is one of the most commonly asked questions around here.

First, let’s talk about the definition of profit.  You might be familiar with this formula: Revenue – Expenses = Profit.  In this model, profit is whatever is leftover (similar to an afterthought).  Profit First flips this formula to: Revenue – intentional profit = expenses.  Doesn’t that sound much better?!

Let me reassure you; it is absolutely possible to create a profitable business that provides you the amount of money you need to truly satisfy your desires in life.  We all went into business because we CARE about something deeply.  Perhaps you wanted personal autonomy, freedom of time, freedom of location, or the ability to impact the world around you in a positive way.  That’s what this profit is for!

In this episode of Profit for Joy TV, we’re talking all about Profit Distributions!

We’ll cover:

  • What they are
  • Why you want them
  • How to do it
  • The importance of celebrating your profit

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