There’s something I’ve been wanting to say.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy.  I know you’ve felt that too.  Sometimes you look around and see all the amazing things that other entrepreneurs are accomplishing and you start to compare your journey to theirs.  Stop that!  Your beautiful journey is unique and specific to you! This world needs what you are offering. Put your blinders on for a bit and let’s get you some clarity to keep you moving forward.

Step one, implement Profit First in your business.  What’s that you say?👂🏼 You’re waiting to start Profit First percentage allocations until you have a more steady revenue stream? You don’t need to wait!  This framework can serve you NOW, right where you are in your business.

In this week’s episode of  Profit for Joy TV, I’m talking about implementing Profit First (or take it further with my signature framework, Profit for Keeps) even if you have you don’t have consistent revenue coming in.

We’ll cover:

  • How you can start right away
  • Why you need a revenue goal
  • Why some tough love might be needed (but don’t worry, I am all about sharing with kindness)



Action Item:

Comment below and let us know that you are committing to start and what your next step is!  Wherever you are is right where you are meant to be and this is your call to action to take the next step that will move you forward!

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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