Hey friends!  Has saving money been an issue for you?  There is a question that’s been popping up a lot that I want to address today.  Many entrepreneurs I speak to have moved past the launch phase and are now bringing in a healthy revenue, yet they struggle to save.

Money can be so emotional. Having this conversation and acknowledging that you feel a bit out of control of your money is vital.  When we talk about our money and bring it into a place of light and intention, we can identify blocks and move forward.

Know that all the decisions you’ve made so far are good decisions because you made them with all the knowledge you had in the moment.  Give yourself grace and acknowledge your bold act of gaining further insight and education about your cash flow.

In this week’s Profit for Joy TV episode, I’m speaking about getting started setting up a safety net of savings and creating Profit for Joy goals when you feel like your money is slipping through your fingers.

We’ll cover:

  • steps to take
  • what might be sabotaging you
  • a key secret to success

Action Step: Share your biggest takeaway or aha moment from this episode.  Then hop over here to hear how Profit for Keeps changed online fitness professional and entrepreneur Patrick Ryan’s life and business. 🙌🏻

Resources mentioned: 

  • Find out about True Expenses HERE
  • Calculate your revenue goal HERE


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