US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Pound sterling…have you ever wondered how the heck you could ever implement Profit First when you are dealing with different currencies?  Don’t lose hope!  It is possible for you to successfully use the Profit First system and keep track of everything using YNAB! 

In today’s online entrepreneur space, it is quite common for businesses to be selling services in one currency and paying expenses in another currency.  While a skilled accountant will undoubtedly be necessary for your business in these circumstances, I don’t want you to feel like you can’t still be your own cash flow manager!  Knowing your numbers and not relying on your accountant to tell you what’s happening is so empowering, and I want that for you!

While dealing with multiple currencies is not as straightforward as just using one, I think you’ll find it’s quite doable!  In this week’s episode of  Profit for Joy TV, I explain how you can absolutely still use Profit First and YNAB while working with different currencies.

We’ll cover:

  • The YNAB currency rule you need to know
  • An activity to help you get clear on the flow of your money
  • How to keep it all straight



Action Item:

Take a moment to draw out your diagram and report back – what did you discover? 

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