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How to Avoid Feeling Like a Fraud with High Ticket Offers

I’ve got a pretty good hunch that you didn’t go into the business you’re in because it was an area in which you struggle.  Am I right?  As business owners, we create our services based on something we are naturally good at (either we’ve always been good at them or we up-leveled our basic skills to the point of mastery.) 

We’re good at what we do, and it feels relatively easy to us.  This makes us wonder why anyone would agree to the high-ticket sales we need to meet our revenue goals.  We start to feel like imposters.  Because our skills come easily to us, we are not valuing them. 

Here’s some perspective, your prospective clients have not had the same experience as you!  They don’t have your knowledge, or they haven’t mastered the skills.   The expertise or solution that you are offering your clients is precious to them.  It will relieve their pain, help them grow, or provide them with something beautiful.

You must make the shift to thinking of yourself as a conduit for your client to invest in their growth.  You are helping them be a part of their solution!

Value perception is highly individual, and in this week’s episode of Profit for Joy™️, I’m talking about how to avoid feeling like a fraud when offering high ticket services.

We’ll cover:

  • Why we struggle to charge for what we are naturally good at
  • Why you are a conduit of investment for our potential clients
  • Why value perception varies

Action steps:

We’d love to hear your thoughts:

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