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Should you publish your prices or not?

There’s a touchy subject we need to talk about.  I keep getting asked this question and we’re not going to hide from it any longer!

Think back to the last time you searched out a service that you were excited about and believed would help you uplevel your life or business…was the investment for this service clearly posted on the website or salespage?  How did you feel when you saw the price for that service? What were your next actions?  If the investment was not included on the service listing, how did that feel in your body?  What actions did you then take?

On this week’s episode of Profit for Joy™ TV, I’m discussing a topic that many people feel quite strongly about, whether or not we should be publishing our prices as online entrepreneurs. I’ll ask everyone to be kind and open-minded as I share what I do and why.

We’ll cover:

  • Common objections
  • Pros and cons of each choice
  • What published prices might block

Remember, you are the CEO and you get to decide what feels best for your business (you get to change your mind too…whenever you want, Boss!)

Action steps:

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