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Quick recap for those that don’t want to read long blog posts!

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  • There is a fine line between scarcity and abundance thinking.  Find out how to shift that in our latest Profit for Joy™️ TV episode here ⇩! 

The fine line between scarcity and abundance

Friends, sometimes we feel a little lost.  We see the highlight reels of remarkable people making an impact and living their dreams, and we feel like maybe that’s just not meant for us.

I want to tell you this week that there is nothing wrong with you for having that reaction! We ALL experience lower vibration thoughts/feelings around not having or being “enough.” 

These thoughts are normal, and they actually mean that you are a healthy human.  Your brain is here to protect you and mitigate risk.  It’s doing an outstanding job!🧠

The good news is that we can upgrade our thoughts!  We have the ability to shift our mindset to create greater abundance, peace, and impact.  As Napolean Hill says, Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.”

If you’ve been thinking that you don’t have enough revenue, clients, time, or resources, then this week’s message is for you!

In this episode of Profit for Joy™️ TV, we’re exploring abundance thinking vs. scarcity mindset and the fine line between them.

We’ll cover:

  • When scarcity mindset shows up
  • Why this is normal
  • A subtle shift to reframe your thoughts

Action Steps:

  1. Commit to spending 10 mins 3x this week to work these steps to improve your money mindset!
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