I know I don’t have to tell you that the state of the world these days can feel like a gigantic dumpster fire.  For many of us, our own lives reflect this energy of chaos, pain, and disconnection.

If you feel this way, and you are not alone by any means, I first invite you to spend a little bit of time reflecting on whether these feelings belong to you.  I know some of you are thinking, “Of course they belong to me.  I’m sitting here feeling them right now!”

Hear me out.

So many of the wonderful souls I connect with on a daily basis are empathetic, tuned-in, caring people.  You have a huge heart.  Often people like this are energetically plugged into the collective consciousness.  You may be feeling things that are from the collective, meaning others in the world are feeling them, and you are picking up the wavelength.  They may not be yours personally.  It’s okay to feel things from the collective, and it’s also healthy to let them pass through you and not allow them to stick for you.

The human brain loves to categorize everything. It’s so good at its job!  We categorize and label everything we come across.  One of the most common labeling systems we use is “good” or “bad.”  That is bad food, this is a good way to learn, this circumstance is so bad.

In this week’s episode of Profit for Joy® TV, I invite you to consider that everything is always happening FOR us and that good and bad are perceptions.

We’ll cover:

  • Shifting perspective
  • Why curiosity matters
  • A powerful tool you can utilize 

PS: A huge shout-out to all of those who attended our recent Masterclass events!  If you missed them, get on the waitlist here for next time!

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  1. Loujean

    thank you for sharing Amber

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