In the first year of running a full-time online health coaching business, Amber realized that the education around money and cash flow was broken.

While living in Bali, she was asked to do skill shares and presentations on how to manage cash flow as a location-independent business.

As she continued to talk with entrepreneurs, it was evident that there was a disconnect between the confidence that they carried in their businesses and their perception of themselves when it came to managing money.

While they thought deep down that they weren’t good with money, it was actually the educational system and financial industry that was letting them down.

Since then, Amber has founded Profit for Keeps®, a framework that has helped hundreds of coaches, course creators, online businesses, practitioners, small business owners, and entrepreneurs gain clarity and awareness of their cashflow and money systems.
This system combines what Amber believes is the trifecta of a holistic and empowered money system: Business Cashflow + Personal Cashflow + Mindset and Wealth Consciousness.
This creates a business that aligns the business model with the unique lifestyle that brings joy which results in always having enough money for what truly matters.

“Beforehand my relationship with money was conservative, yet anxiety-driven. And not knowing how to add it all up into a vision or a plan. Being the kind of person who likes to have a vision or plan, but having no clue how to take all the things and turn them into that for me. Today I feel resilient, proactive, saving for my goals. I have also improved my lifestyle. I’ve made some serious upgrades in my lifestyle and feeling comfortable with those.” – Mia Scharphie, Founder of Build Yourself

“I’m no longer afraid to open up bank statements or face bills coming in. I’ve eliminated more than $12,000 worth of debt, without adding any more debt. This was without an increase in my income because I’m still building a business. With systems, I eliminated a lot of spending I really didn’t need.” – Ramona Rice, Founder of Spapreneur®

The trifecta of a holistic and empowered money system:

Business Cashflow + Personal Cashflow + Mindset and Wealth Consciousness

Amber has been trusted by:

Forbes, Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, a repeated guest on Mike Michalowicz’s podcasts, Female Entrepreneur’s Association, and many other online masterminds, podcasts, and stages across the world. She has been hired and trusted by industry leaders such as Kate Northrup, Mike Michalowicz, Tarzan Kay, Kimra Luna, Merel Kriegsman, and hundreds of other business owners.

profit first podcast
profit first podcast
There’s no one I could recommend more highly than Amber Dugger for online business owners who want to drive profitability in their business and lifestyle!
Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First

We knew the time, energy and money invested in a system that we could use forever would pay off exponentially. I love sitting down and doing our money meetings because then I get to see our numbers go up, and it’s very satisfying.
Kate Northrup, Author of Money, A Love Story

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Here are some fun facts about Amber…

  • A proud 7th generation New Mexican, she prefers red chile for enchiladas and green chile for mashed potatoes. When she is feeling in the holiday spirit, she goes for the gold with Christmas (red and green).
  • A lifelong Wanderlust, her first solo international travel was at the age of 12 and she has lived in Costa Rica, England, Austria and Bali, Indonesia.
  • A self-proclaimed Yarnoholic, she believes that her knitting stash may soon reach the infamous stage of SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy).
  • Loves french press coffee with cream, Mexican Wedding cookies, biscochitos (only if they are her Aunt Bea’s recipe), and all things Italian (except for carpaccio).

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