Amber Dugger

Worrying about Money will Kill your Creativity

As a creative, your headspace is your workspace.  And this is a very special and sacred space indeed.  This is where all of your amazing ideas and momentum that fuels...

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Are you paying yourself a salary with your online business?

Paying yourself a salary when you are a solopreneur may sound a bit far fetched.  You might be thinking to yourself,  “I’m not making that much yet” or “that I...

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Comparison-shmarison – do you suffer from Affluenza?

Do you see your friend’s business thriving and you can’t help but be a bit envious?  How about that high school friend that you haven’t seen in 10 years that...

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Is Profit on the Bottom of your To-do list?
Is Profit on the Bottom of your To-do List?

You wear lots of hats as a solopreneur.  I get it.  At 8am you are the marketing manager, 8:30 the bookkeeper, 10am IT Help Desk….  But let me ask you...

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Cash is more valuable than an electronic purchase
Cash in your Hand is more valuable than a Number in your Amazon Cart

You feel that pang in your chest. It is the end of the month. You haven’t opened up your mint app in three weeks because you are a teeny bit...

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