Amber Dugger

price packages to be profitable
How to Price Packages to be Profitable!

  One of the single most asked questions I get from members of Profit for Keeps is, “How can I make sure that I’m running a profitable business?” Today I’m...

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Paying Down Debt
The Hidden Secret to Paying Down Debt

Do you ever feel embarrassed to talk about your debt?   As a society, we have an incredible amount of shame and anxiety around debt…and money in general.  Many of us...

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Money Love Dates and How they Can Save your Relationship

I don’t specialize in relationship coaching per se, but I know one thing for can wreak havoc on partnerships.  A strong financial foundation is the key to so many...

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Why Most People Fail with a Budget

Hey friends! I’ve been in the online business world for quite a while now and there is one thing I hear over and over again from my clients and community......

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