Amber Dugger

Cash is more valuable than an electronic purchase
Cash in your Hand is more valuable than a Number in your Amazon Cart

You feel that pang in your chest. It is the end of the month. You haven’t opened up your mint app in three weeks because you are a teeny bit...

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To Automate or not Automate your Bills

Have you paid a few too many late fees? Do you have the money in your account but you just forget to schedule the bill? Or perhaps you are scared...

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No Restrictions – All Freedom – Budget Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Have you signed up yet? Just a quick reminder that our challenge starts tomorrow, Monday July 11th! Hope to see you there! Click here to sign up. Know someone that...

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Are you stuck in your situation because of finances?

In today's vlog, I am sharing with you a concept that has helped me IMMENSELY in changing my thought pattern to achieve things that I used to not even be...

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Your First Step to Embracing the Power of a Budget

What I share in the video above is fundamental in gaining control of your money and spending habits. I am excited to invite you to my exclusive Budget On Purpose...

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