The March 2018 challenge has wrapped up but enter your details below and you’ll be the first to know about the next one!

Hear what past Budget Alchemy Challenge Participants have to say… 

“I love how I now feel like I am in more control of what I am doing with my money, and not just ‘oh it is there, time to spend!’”

“There was nothing I was hiding from and there was nothing that could hide from me anymore in my finances. I got really clear on my expenses. Then from that place, I was able to be proactive with my expenses.” 

Here is what you will leave with after completing the challenge:

A revenue goal that actually covers all of your personal and business expenses, taxes and profit.

Unique to YOUR business Profit First percentages that will be specific for YOUR situation (lifestyle, business expenses etc).

template ready to make creating a cash flow dashboard in YNAB (You Need a Budget) a piece of cake.

Free community for the challenge and a live Q&A call!

Good-bye debt and financial worry – hello profit.

Join us for the next challenge!

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