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Coaches and Service Based Business owners, are you ready to take the next step in getting your personal and business cash flow systems in place?

To finally feel at peace and on the right track with your money?

An ALL NEW 12 Week Profit for Keeps® Self Study and Community Re-Opens April 2024!

with Money Coach and Master Level Profit First Professional Amber Dugger and her incredible team

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I struggle with making sales pages snazzy, fancy, and attention-grabbing.

That said, I do know one thing SUPER WELL and that is all things Cash Flow, Profit First, Intentional Budgeting, and Money Mindset.


This program is way more than learning how to use YNAB with Profit First (YNAB = You Need a Budget – my all-time FAVORITE cash flow tool). It’s….

A Revenue Goal that is NOT Generic and custom-made for YOU and YOUR DREAMS, LIFESTYLE, AND VISION.

A Cash Flow System that checks all the boxes (personal and business budgets, a clear cash forecast tool, components of Profit First, and a clear plan to accumulate cash and pay down debt)

Forgiveness. Release. And Permission to Make More Money!

Take a deep breath…

This is your safe place to learn about managing your money (without any judgment). We understand how frustrating it feels to work so hard and feel like there is never enough money at the end of the day.

Our goal is to empower you…

Profit for Keeps® incorporates Profit First elements with wealth consciousness practices and practical tools.


Here is what past clients most commonly leave with:


A clear understanding of where their money is coming from and where it is going.


No longer religiously checking their bank balance to make a spending decision.


Knowledge that they are passing on down to their children to break the cycle of financial overwhelm.


Paying down debt that they never thought was actually going to get paid down.


Paying themselves consistently while being prepared for taxes at the end of the year.

This is the same framework that I’ve used to help my client go from over $100K in debt to $0 in debt in less than 19 months, all while creating 2 months of living and business expenses saved in the bank.

When you have a clear revenue goal and the right system to support it, looking at your money is actually FUN!

“We’re looking at some expansion in terms of our team, and now we know who we can afford to hire. As opposed to before it was really just sort of like, “Well, we’ll just do this and see what happens.” Now we know for sure, “Yep, we have the money for this. Great.” That feels really good!”

— Kate Northrup, Author of “Money A Love Story” and Founder of The Origin Company

The above stories are why I think you’re here….

You’re a coach, service provider, online business owner or strategist who is naturally creative.

Maybe you are a copywriter, marketer, health coach (or a health advocate) who started your online business with passion and have been focusing on all things that they say you “need”








FB Ads (what a nightmare….)


Learning all the things (Kajabi, Convertkit – what is Zapier again??)


Instagram Reels – (but am I really going to dance around the room in my robe??)


Bookkeeping and Taxes (totally should be done by a pro, btw)

But then you get to tax time and you realize that everything is completely disorganized.

And you owe taxes.

And you don’t know where that is going to come from.

You also would like to actually pay yourself for all this work you are doing.

Do you see why understanding your cash flow is so important?

Soooo, this was definitely me back in 2015, living in Bali, trying to do all the things, and deep down, I was just wondering how many more months I could sustain myself before I needed to have “the talk” with myself about going back to {FULL BODY SHIVER} corporate.

You could say my deep desire to “be safe” and “not freak out” was the reason I created what I now call the Profit for Keeps® cash flow framework.

It was to settle my nervous system and keep me from hyperventilating on a daily basis.

“I am going to help you achieve $5K months”


“But I need to make $8K months”


“Let’s be realistic and start with $5K months”



Generic Revenue Goals are the root of the problem.

Without a clear number to aim for, you inadvertently head towards…

Increased Debt

Increased Stress

Feeling like you and your program are the problems

Feeling like a fraud

Can’t pay yourself consistently (or at all)

Work like you are the star hampster and the wheel is flying 100 turns a minute (and not actually getting anywhere)

Bank account balances that are dwindling

And did I mention STRESS?

By 2017, I was running a thriving coaching business, exceeding my revenue goal most months and paying myself quarterly profit distributions that led to:

  • An iPad pro
  • Multiple trips to Mexico (including treating my loved ones to an all-expense-paid trip plus first-class airfare!)
  • My favourite Kitchen Robot (aka Thermomix)
  • Fancy knitting yarn (swoooooon)
  • Two emergency gum graft surgeries that were close to $8K and not covered by my dental discount plan (Not so fun but on the list)
  • A month-long trip to Australia
  • 2 trips to Europe (Italy and Portugal)
  • Down payment on my new home in New Mexico (and moving expenses!)
  • And many more health and cooking gadgets LOL
  • Over 7 figures in revenue, all while maintaining a profit margin of over 60%

This is what I want for you (but with things that YOU care about – I am sure they look quite different!)

That is why I’m fearlessly sharing with you the inside scoop of my personal finances because you are more creative than a numbers person….

You’re in the right place.

Paying yourself consistently and knowing how much money you have set away for things YOU care about is possible for you.

your success roadmap


awareness & vision

Align your business revenue with your vision.

Milestone 1
Calculate Your Revenue Goal

Milestone 2
Create Your Profit For Joy® Plan


knowledge & action

Master YNAB with your personal finances

Milestone 3
Setup personal budgets in YNAB

Milestone 4
Master credit cards and debt

Milestone 5
Mastering your daily YNAB routine (Golden Money Time)


empowerment & peace

Implement Profit First with Business YNAB

Milestone 6
Understand how Business YNAB works with Profit First

Milestone 7
Mastering Profit First For Keeps® (maintaining personal and business budgets)

Milestone 8
Celebrations and Next Steps

Introduction and Overview

Let’s Get Acquainted!

I believe that it is SO important to be quick, and efficient and know where everything is. This super quick module will help you get acquainted with the call schedule, milestones, and where to connect with fellow PFKers.

GOAL: To get started and set yourself up for success.

Pillar 1

Building up your Intentional and Unique Revenue Goal

This lays the groundwork and understanding of why and what you are creating when you implement Profit for Keeps as well as get you super clear on your revenue goal. We walk you step by step to have you organize not just your normal monthly bills, but also your sporadic, not always thought about expenses. And YES! You can finally check off the list that you are looking at both personal and business cash flow! Summer camp for the kids, birthday gifts, spontaneous generosity – there is room for everything here.

Pillar 2

Personal Spending Plan (Budget) Creation

Have you tried using YNAB (You Need a Budget) in the past, and it had you pulling your hair out? Not to worry. We will walk you step-by-step to show you how to create an effective, usable and empowering personal budget. It is a great way to get on the same page with your family or yourself when it comes to personal spending! Just remember, your new revenue goal is going to give you crucial information to help you become profitable. The last thing you want is your personal finances to sabotage your new-found profitability!

Pillar 3

Business Spending Plan (Budget) Creation with Profit First

Have you read Profit First and thought to yourself, “ummmm that is a lot of bank accounts. How is this supposed to apply to my coaching business??” This module is for you! We cover how you can not only create your Profit First buckets but also get super clear on all of your business expenses and how much cash you have to cover them. This is a GAMECHANGER for our clients as you can make strategic hiring and investment decisions by simply looking at your YNAB dashboard and seeing how much money is available to pay yourself, pay your business expenses and how much money you have set aside for taxes

What you can expect when you implement the Profit For Keeps® Framework:

“I’m no longer afraid to open up bank statements or face bills coming in. I’ve eliminated more than $12,000 worth of debt, without adding any more debt. This was without an increase in my income because I’m still building a business. With systems, I eliminated a lot of spending I really didn’t need.”


“When I think of money now, I have warm fuzzy feelings, like a deep level of appreciation for how I’m being supported in my life and how I’m able to so joyfully support others without being in fear. Money feels more like a partner now.”


The baby-steps in Profit For Keeps® will enable you to experience financial miracles in 60 days or less…

It’s time you experience the relief and stand a little taller with an undeniable sense of


“Zero balances on credit cards and paying into my retirement!”


This is the absolute, MUST-DO program for any entrepreneur who takes themselves and their money seriously!

Merel Kriegsman, Conversion Copywriter

The work that we have done has given me so much freedom and confidence in my finances. Everybody needs Amber!

Tarzan Kay, Launch Strategist

Even the author of Profit First has worked with Amber! Mike Michalowicz is a huge supporter of Profit for Keeps® and the Profit for Joy® Movement

This program is not about replacing your bookkeeper or accountant, they have specific roles to play in your business.

Profit For Keeps® is about you understanding, improving, and taking control of your financial future – without all of the accounting and bookkeeping confusion.

You are Ready for Profit for Keeps® and a Good Match for our Community


1. You are ALL IN and committed to yourself and your financial self-care regimen. You dropped the victim mentality a long time ago and recognize that your thoughts create your reality. Excited to finally have this “money thing” figured out. You understand that it requires some time and dedication to learn and implement and recognize that it is OH SO WORTH IT.
2. If your finances are commingled with your partner or spouse, you are both on board to use YNAB for your personal finances.  **If you have separate finances and bank accounts, this is not a must.
3. Ready to watch your savings go up and your debt go down, all while enjoying yourself (not eating rice and beans).
4. You recognize that this is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.  You will need to make money (revenue) in order for this framework to make the most impact on your business. While we can help you strategize on your packages and pricing (we LOVE this), we are not a program dedicated to increasing your revenue. **This is not the focus but often the outcome of many of our clients.  We just want to make it super clear that this is not a program for someone that is not yet making money in their business.
5. Ready to become excited to look at your money (and if you don’t believe this is possible, get ready to be blown away…)
6. You are willing to invest in YNAB ($14.99/month or $98.99/year).  This is not included in the investment of this program. BTW, this is SOOOO worth the tiny monthly price.  On average, new YNABers save $600 in their first two months, and more than $6,000 in their first year.  Imagine how much you could save!
7. You are willing to dedicate time (10-15 minutes a day) to learning, mastering, and maintaining your personal and business budgets in YNAB.  This is something that Amber will never delegate to her team.  To have daily and weekly clarity of where your cash is sitting and what it is going to be used for is more than a $10K/hour task.
8. You recognize that this is not a program to replace your bookkeeper or accountant.  This is all about understanding, improving and taking control of your financial, forward-looking future, without all of the accounting and bookkeeping confusion.
9. You don’t have to be a numbers person and can totally be allergic to spreadsheets!  That said, we hold a very strong belief that you are good with money, you are totally a money/cash flow person and you can do this. But ultimately, it is important that you believe in yourself and recognize that what brought you here, is not going to necessarily take you where you want to go.
10. You are coachable and an action-taker ready to rise into that A-player that is within you.
11. You celebrate and embrace ALL human beings including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities, both seen and unseen. You recognize that you are part of a safe, accepting, and uplifting community when joining Profit for Keeps®.

Are you a HECK YES to the above and ready to dive into normal paychecks, debt paydown progress, peace around money, and a clear revenue goal that is customized

…to live your lifestyle, dreams, and business?

Pay in Full
1 Payment of $1497

Payment Plan
4 Payments of $397

Your Questions Answered

What if I don't like it? Can I get my money back?
This may be unorthodox, but Profit for Keeps has a “No Money Back Guarantee”. I stand behind this program 100% and it’s been proven to work. It’s only for people who make the investment with the intentions of implementing it immediately. If you don’t have the time to implement, I encourage you to not purchase.
Are they any additional costs?
Yes, $14.99 on the YNAB budgeting software (the monthly fee after the 2 month trial ends). Or the YNAB annual fee of $98.99 if you decide this is the system for you. On average, new YNAB users save $600 by month two and more than $6,000 the first year! Pretty solid return on investment if you ask me.
I'm not in the US, is this time-zone dependent?
No. All the content and calls are recorded – so you can watch at any time. Can’t make the live office hours calls? No probs! Submit your question ahead of time. We’ll make sure it is covered. You get lifetime access to all recordings.
I don't have debt, do I need this program?
Even without debt, you can still be living close to the edge. Profit for Keeps will get you not just meeting your financial obligations, but saving up for a secure, 3-6 month financial buffer. So in short, YES! This program is still for you!
How long before I see results?
Most of my clients see significant cash accumulation and debt pay-down within the first 2 months. If you count gaining more around your money as a result… then I can honestly say days!
Why can't I just read Profit First and implement?

Profit First is a complete game-changer for brick and mortar (traditional) businesses. However, online business are different: less overhead, higher revenue from one employee (you). And most likely you’ll have trouble doing the Profit First assessment because you don’t have bookkeeping software with years of history. You do? Chances are big you don’t fit into the target allocation percentages as defined in the book.

Profit for Keeps shows you how to reverse engineer Profit First – so you have a revenue goal that means something to you. In addition, Profit for Keeps gives you a solution that helps you stick to the paychecks you give yourself. That way sabotaging your business success is a thing of the past!

Profit for Keeps supports you in reaching big goals. Like making a downpayment on a house. Taking a trip around the world. Living and working from Bali (or whatever is on your bucket list).

Should I wait till I make more money?
Imagine your car running with a leak in the gas tank. As you drive your car, the leak gets worse. Technically, you can still drive your car around. The longer you drive around with the leak, the more gas you lose. Imagine taking your car in today.

The cost to you? A repair bill. The savings? NO MORE MONEY LEAKS, uh… gas leaks I mean 😉.

I tried YNAB and I couldn't make it work (UGH)!
Every single person who shows up on the calls, has successfully implemented YNAB (no exceptions). If tech scares you, Profit for Keeps offers you the full support and loving hand holding you need to MAKE THIS WORK.

“Beforehand my relationship with money was conservative, yet anxiety-driven. And not knowing how to add it all up into a vision or a plan. Being the kind of person who likes to have a vision or a plan, but having no clue how to take all the things and turn them into that for me. Today I feel resilient, proactive, saving for my goals. I have also improved my lifestyle. I’ve made some serious upgrades in my lifestyle and feeling comfortable with those.”


Hi there!

I’m Amber and what I care about most is taking you from overwhelm and frustration to really being excited about looking at your money.

Your cash flow system is the key to eliminating the stress and headache around money.

I have dedicated my life to helping you never feel overwhelmed about money again.

The financial and educational system has failed you. I’m here to help you combat it with power, not force and truly find peace and confidence with money.

This is the same framework that I’ve used to help my client go from over $100K in debt to $0 in debt in less than 19 months, all while creating 2 months of living and business expenses saved in the bank.

When you have a clear revenue goal and the right system to support it, looking at your money is actually FUN!


The days of feeling crappy about your money system (or lack thereof) are limited and soon to be a thing of the past.

BUT….one thing has to happen.

You have to say yes to yourself.

You must decide that today is the day to step into the identity of a person confident and clear when it comes to money.

And I am here to help.

Your clear and confident financial self starts here.

Ready to join our Profit for Keeps® Community?

Pay in Full
1 Payment of $1497

Payment Plan
4 Payments of $397