Finally Start Keeping The Money You Are So Good at Making

Get ready to ditch the overwhelm and wake up excited to look at your money.

The Gold Standard Cash Flow Solution for Online, Service-based Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are amazing at making money but sometimes struggle to keep it.
We provide a simple system custom-built for their life and business so that they can finally get excited about the money they are making.

Take a deep breath…

This is your safe place to learn about managing your money (without any judgement).
We understand how frustrating it feels to work so hard and feel like there is never enough money at the end of the day..


My business is now on a very steady incline because of Amber. If you need help understanding the money stuff in your business, work with Amber!
Kimra Luna - Business Coach

There’s no one I could recommend more highly than Amber Dugger for online business owners who want to drive profitability in their business and lifestyle!
Mike Michaelowicz, Author of Profit First

This program took me from completely frazzled and debt ridden, to debt free and in control of money knowing the right path for my success.
Ramona Rice, CEO + Spapreneur


The Foundations

Profit For Keeps Basics
Profit First Principles
Personal Budget Setup
Using YNAB

Changing Habits & Implementation

Routines & Habits
Revenue Goals & Pricing
Business Budget Setup & Tracking
Debt & Net Worth


Tracking, Optimization & Growth


Profit for Keeps™️ Gold

Desired Results:

  • Learn and implement the Profit for Keeps™️ Framework which will give you clarity and control of both business AND personal cash flow and budgeting.
  • 12-month (renewable!) access to our signature training and live support
  • Improve your relationship with money by focusing on mindset and wealth consciousness practices to amplify your progress
  • Take back control of your business and become permanently profitable with financial milestone goals such as 6 months of savings and debt paydown

What is included in PFK™️ Gold:

  • Access to Profit for Keeps for 12 months 
  • Access to any new content that is added during their paid membership window

Time is more valuable than money!

Spending contaminated time worrying about money is taking away from your life.

You deserve to be free to focus your energy on what really matters.

Are you ready? Select your payment option below to join!

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Profit for keeps incorporates Profit First Elements with Wealth Consciousness Practices and practical tools (like YNAB)


It’s super helpful! I love the templates and step-by-step tactical aspects.
Profit for Keeps™ Participant

This course is DO-ABLE! It’s a fantastic and fun tool to get clear on revenue, income, pay yourself, and cover expenses in a really easy way. I love it!
Profit for Keeps™ Participant

The content is top-notch, well presented, and organised..
Profit for Keeps™ Participant

“I’ve never had this much money in my entire life. A year ago, we were barely making it financially. Now, we’re talking renos, vacations, investments. We’re RICH!”
Merel Kriegsman

“I told Amber I would rather bury a dead chicken in the frozen winter ground than talk about money. I sent her pictures to prove it. I don’t feel that way anymore.”

Erica Olsen

“I just figured I couldn’t budget because it’s just so hard, and stuff changes throughout the month. Thanks to Profit for Keeps, I actually feel like I can budget!”
Karyn Claflin



Get organized!

Get clear on your personal and business expenses and then calculate a revenue goal that will support the life and business you want to have.


Start with the basics (personal budget using YNAB)

This is all about learning how to use YNAB by implementing what you discovered in Step 1 into a personal envelope system (aka budget).  This is where you get really fluent and comfortable using YNAB and start a plan to age your money (aka – less stress!)


Implement Profit First with a separate budget in YNAB

This is all about creating the final piece to your holistic and intentional cash flow system. In this step, we implement Profit First (with YNAB – no extra bank accounts!) and show you how to handle each deposit and inflow in your business to ensure that you have enough money to pay yourself, put aside money for taxes, pay your business expenses and accumulate profit.

Once you have implemented the framework in your business, you will get SO CLEAR on where your money is going in both your business and your personal. You will spend the remaining amount of time using the system and learning how to set up a plan to achieve your personal financial goals (ie: paying off debt, paying yourself consistently, aging your money, having money for those surprise expenses (hello unexpected vet bills!) and putting aside money for the things that bring you joy.



Months 1-6

Implement and Master the Profit for Keeps™ Framework.


  1. Get a handle on your numbers by determining a revenue goal that includes your unique personal and business expenses.
  2. Create a plan to achieve your financial milestones (paycheck stash, debt paydown, prepare for taxes, etc.)
  3. Get clarity and awareness around your numbers by creating both personal and business cash flow dashboards (budgets) using the YNAB software.
  4. Master the Profit for Keeps™ framework by implementing our Magic Money Foundations into your daily routine.


Months 7-12

Wealth building and intentional spending to create Profit for Joy™.


  1. Understand your numbers and profit margins by implementing a focus on key metrics and cash flow forecast.
  2. Make key business growth and investment decisions by looking at your numbers and creating a proactive plan.
  3. Use your Quarterly Profit Distributions to make personalized forward leaps on key financial milestones.
  4.  Sleep better.  You are now in control and empowered with the financial data that really matters.

(after 8 weeks: 5 minutes a day)

Weekly hours saved worrying about money: 72 (rough estimate)

Can’t make the time to implement?
Please, don’t join us!

Entrepreneurs just like you are now experiencing money
as a beautiful tool to create the life they truly desire!

This is the absolute, MUST-DO program for any entrepreneur who takes themselves and their money seriously!
Merel Kriegsman, Conversion Copywriter

The work that we have done has given me so much freedom and confidence in my finances. Everybody needs Amber!
Tarzan Kay, Launch Strategist


What if I don't like it? Can I get my money back?
This may be unorthodox, but Profit for Keeps has a “No Money Back Guarantee”. I stand behind this program 100% and it’s been proven to work. It’s only for people who make the investment with the intentions of implementing it immediately. If you don’t have the time to implement, I encourage you to not purchase.
Are they any additional costs?
Yes, $6.99 on the YNAB budgeting software (the monthly fee after the 2 month trial ends). Or the YNAB annual fee of $83.99 if you decide this is the system for you. On average, new YNAB users save $600 by month two and more than $6,000 the first year! Pretty solid return on investment if you ask me.
I'm not in the US, is this time-zone dependent?
No. All the content and calls are recorded – so you can watch at any time. Can’t make the live office hours calls? No probs! Submit your question ahead of time. We’ll make sure it is covered. You get lifetime access to all recordings.
I don't have debt, do I need this program?
Even without debt, you can still be living close to the edge. Profit for Keeps will get you not just meeting your financial obligations, but saving up for a secure, 3-6 month financial buffer. So in short, YES! This program is still for you!
How long before I see results?
Most of my clients see significant cash accumulation and debt pay-down within the first 3 months. If you count gaining more around your money as a result… then I can honestly say days!
Why can't I just read Profit First and impement?
Profit First is a complete game-changer for brick and mortar (traditional) businesses. However, online business are different: less overhead, higher revenue from one employee (you). And most likely you’ll have trouble doing the Profit First assessment because you don’t have bookkeeping software with years of history. You do? Chances are big you don’t fit into the target allocation percentages as defined in the book.

Profit for Keeps shows you how to reverse engineer Profit First – so you have a revenue goal that means something to you. In addition, Profit for Keeps gives you a solution that helps you stick to the paychecks you give yourself. That way sabotaging your business success is a thing of the past!

Profit for Keeps supports you in reaching big goals. Like making a downpayment on a house. Taking a trip around the world. Living and working from Bali (or whatever is on your bucket list).

Should I wait till I make more money?
Imagine your car running with a leak in the gas tank. As you drive your car, the leak gets worse. Technically, you can still drive your car around. The longer you drive around with the leak, the more gas you lose. Imagine taking your car in today.

The cost to you? A repair bill. The savings? NO MORE MONEY LEAKS, uh… gas leaks I mean 😉.

I tried YNAB and I couldn't make it work (UGH)!
Every single person who shows up on the calls, has successfully implemented YNAB (no exceptions). If tech scares you, Profit for Keeps offers you the full support and loving hand holding you need to MAKE THIS WORK.

Despite your best efforts, at the end of the day you’re still wondering…

“Why do I still freak out when the bills come in?”


“WHAT?! I need to pay myself a salary??”


“How will I pay these bills, let alone pay off my debt?”


“Huh…? I was sure there was money in that account?”


“Where did the money go, I thought I did great this month!”


“Can I afford this?! / Oh no, did I overspend again?”


It’s time you experience the relief, and stand a little taller with an undeniable sense of “I’VE GOT THIS”.


(instead of pretending you didn’t see that invoice, hoping to buy yourself a few extra days to CPR your cash flow).

Yes, Profit for Keeps offers online service providers worldwide the cash flow solution they’ve been lacking.

And it allows you to spend money (guilt-free), while seeing wealth accumulate! Now, that’s true ABUNDANCE.

The million dollar questions?

Will you stick with a broken system (telling yourself you’re not good with money) and…


Hope a bookkeeper/accountant/software will magically untangle your financial woes and sort you out?


Unknowingly letting money slip through the cracks, making you feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re still on square one financially(!)?


Gambling that your next big launch is going to take the edge off (or even pay off) your debt(!)?


Or are you ready to take a deep breath, put your brave-face on, say “Enough is Enough”, try my proven solution, and finally take full control of your business and personal finances?



Truly empower yourself with…


The Gold Standard Cash Flow Solution for Online, Service-based Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Just Want to Make Money…

But Want to KEEP IT!

⬇︎Profit for Keeps™️ Gold Options:⬇︎

“Zero balances on credit cards, and paying into my retirement!”

I had already read Profit First beforehand, and started implementing it. I got extremely frustrated, racked up a bunch of fees because transfers weren’t there, I miscalculated things, and so I was like “I don’t like it”. I was getting frustrated with YNAB as well, despite watching and registering for webinars, like the same one three or four times, just to try to understand one concept. Amber changed all of that…

Now, I can actually see all of my financial goals happening. Yes, I am going to leave the country, finally. I can add in my retirement stuff. Having zero balances on the credit cards. And I can see all of that happening without me feeling sad, or me feeling like I’m missing out on things in the present!


“I knew I had to change, or else I was never going to feel financially free”

I have been in this constant feast or famine, and robbing Peter to pay Paul for as long as I’ve been in business. I was done!

The cycle that entrepreneurs get into is “I’ll get that now, and I’ll just make the money later, so I’ll buy this course now, and I’ll pay for this trip, and then I’ll just figure out how to make the money later.” The result…

I was constantly on this hamster wheel. Profit for Keeps, taught me how to get off the hamster wheel.

Now I no longer feel this overwhelming pressure on my chest. I’m feeling the relief that comes with financial freedom. I’m going to have this paycheck stash, I’m finally building a three to six month buffer!


“Now I take a paycheck and am able to support my family!”

I’ve been in business for 14 plus years, and until 2016, I wasn’t really taking any sort of paycheck. Now, I actually can take a paycheck and I’m using it to contribute to my family!

Every cent that comes in, I immediately allocate. Paying the bills I have. Before the money disappears!

I now know exactly how much to take because of the calculations that Amber had us do. I know exactly how much money I need to make in order to pay my personal expenses, in order to pay my business expenses. That’s really empowering!


The Baby-Steps in Profit for Keeps will Enable You to Experience Financial Miracles in 60 days or less…

I’m Amber Dugger and I’ve made it my mission to cut that 82% down and set the online world financially free!


According to a U.S. Bank study, a whopping 82% of businesses fail because of CASH FLOW PROBLEMS.

Before I tell you about myself…

Here’s what you need to know (and you probably already do):

The online world is bursting with offers to increase your income (from “Money Manifesting Bootcamps” to “10x Your Income Within 30 Days” kinda business coaches). But…

There are ZERO comprehensive offers (up till now) that teach you what to do with the money once it comes in. And that’s the REASON your cash flow (both personal and business) is full of poverty-inducing leaks.


Glad you asked…

As business owners, we’re taught that as long as we’re tracking our money, we’re golden. But that’s not true!

Unless you know exactly how much money you have and what it’s doing in your business, you can’t make informed spending/saving/hiring decisions! (RESULT: “Hoping for the Best” and overspending!).

This program is NOT about replacing your bookkeeper or accountant, they have specific roles to play in your business, Profit For Keeps is about YOU understanding, improving and taking control of your financial future – without all of the finance jargon.



Helps you track + sort what’s ALREADY happened.

Reports help you see trends.

Help you accurately communicate financial data to your accountant.



Supports you with tax strategies.

Helps minimize taxes you pay.

Files your taxes each year and helps with estimated quarterly payments.



Keep a clear picture of what cash you have and what the money is doing in your business.

Helping you make informed spending/hiring decisions.

Giving intention and purpose to the money you have now, and in the future.

No matter if you’re already hitting that $10k a month mark, 10 MIL a year company or a relatively new business owner with ambition…

If you want to see your financial situation change, YOU need to MASTER YOUR CASH FLOW.

If you don’t?

You’re kept from doing the work you’re meant to do in the world. Because you’re consumed with money worries, and working WAY too hard without seeing wealth accumulate.

That’s so heartbreaking it makes me cry (no joke, I shed tears over client stories all the time – then I transform them!). And because of that…

I felt compelled to share everything I learned from helping thousands of entrepreneurs take full control of their personal and business finances, and created PROFIT FOR KEEPS™ – so you can do your true ZONE-OF-GENIUS work, without worrying about the bills.

What’s so special about this?

It’s the only COMPLETE cash flow mastery system, specifically created for business owners who are working in the trenches, giving the best of themselves, and still wondering, “Where did the money go?”.


Profit For Keeps Gives You the Simple but Solid Financial Foundation You Crave (and wish you’d discovered years ago!)

…including practical systems you can start implementing today!

Besides the PROVEN curriculum, Profit for Keeps will give you DIRECT ACCESS to me. And that’s going to do wonders for your bank account!

Some people are interested in why I am so passionate about this movement. Here’s a little about me…


I teach other CFO’s to do a better job.


I have a vast track-record saving entrepreneurs from financial ruin.


I’m a Mastery Level Profit First Professional.


I’m here to support you, and Profit For Keeps offers a safe space.



Let’s fix, “Huh, where did the money go?” for GOOD!

SECRET AGENT (not really)

I’ve managed multi-million dollar contracts for the U.S. Government and contracting agencies.

“Thanks to Amber and Profit for Keeps, I’m able to put 20% off of every check into its own retirement account!”

This is so exciting to me because when I left my normal 9:00 to 5:00, everyone was like, ” Well, what are you going to do about retirement? ” And I thought ”Oh, my God, I’m going to die a homeless lady ,” but now I don’t feel that way anymore.

She really encouraged me to spend my profit disbursements on stuff that I would love and enjoy because I was in this hoarder mode. She said spend it and I had permission, s o I went to the spa ; I bought Hamilton tickets ; I’m like , ” Holy cow, this is the life !” So now I am fucking killing it, and I’m really happy about it!”

Erna Wilson

“My relationship with money has improved dramatically!”

I now know how to prepare for what is coming and what to expect from the money I have currently. I know where it goes and why – and that’s very reassuring.

One of my biggest takeaways from Profit for Keeps? I was overthinking the whole process! When I followed Amber’s instructions – my anxiety around money went down because it was then I realized I wasn’t in a bad situation with my money.

I was hoping to get more clarity around my finances personally and professionally. I wanted to ensure I was setting up a solid future for my family and myself – all while making sure I paid the bills with ease. I absolutely got that and more!

Jessica Wayman

“I no longer think I’m crap with money: no more robbing Peter to pay Paul. And a separate business and personal budget!”

Working with Amber, it took away a lot of the stress! For the first time I had a separate budget for business and personal, and I realized that I kept paying from my personal budget just ignoring, you know, robbing Peter to pay Paul. It just didn’t work.

And now I’m totally confident I’m going to make it. I’m totally confident that I will have enough. I’ve switched from scarcity mode to abundance. I trust, and I’m surrendering, and I’m going with the flow, and gosh, it’s so much easier than swimming upstream. So for me, the big breakthrough is I no longer think I’m crap with money. I no longer have shame.

Anne-Sophie Vincent

“No more frivolous spending my way into debt: I finally feel like I’m a proper adult and successful business woman!”

I’d spent much of my adult life going from one financial crisis to another. Both my ex-husband and my current partner are spenders, and I felt dragged along and out of control. I’d bemoaned my financial illiteracy to friends over the years, but didn’t know where to start, how to figure it out, or when to make the time to learn how to do it all. “Get a budget” had literally been on my to-do list for six months prior to this.

Enter Profit for Keeps…

I finally feel like I’ve got my sh** together, and like I’m a proper adult and successful business woman. I was able to set aside nearly $1500 for the first half of my yoga certification in less than three months, as well as a good chunk of change for the upcoming mud season. I was also able to go on vacation and not frivolously spend my way into debt.

Erica Olson

Profit For Keeps Pays For Itself (trust me, I did the math)

But… before I make your head spin with even more success stories (5-figure debt paid off within months, incomes tripled because of CLARITY) I want you to do this:


If I hold your hand throughout the process, are you WILLING to look at your finances, and implement the tools I hand you? Are you going to continue to show up, even if you feel like running off and marrying an 87-year-old millionaire? If that’s a “Yes, Amber, I’m ready to show up for my most abundant life!!”, you’re officially allowed to click through to the check-out page!


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