Today we’re diving into a crucial topic that many of you have been asking about – how to figure out your revenue goal when you’ve got income flowing in from various sources. It’s a bit like juggling, but fear not, I’ve got your back. 

So, you’ve got income from your regular job, a side hustle, and maybe even contributions from your partner. The big question is, how do you handle this financial puzzle when it comes to setting your revenue goal? Let’s break it down.

  1. Know Your Expenses

The first decision you want to make is how much money do you want your business to contribute to your household finances. The way to that number is by getting clear on your expenses. If you’ve gone through one of our masterclasses or if you’ve been through Profit for Keeps®, you will have already listed all of your personal & business expenses. 

  1. Determine Your Revenue Goal

Let’s say that after you’ve listed all of your expenses, you’ve determined that you need $10,000 after tax to cover them. Now, if your side hustle brings in $4,000 after tax, and your partner contributes another $4,000 after tax, that leaves a gap of $2,000. Voila! Your business needs to step up and provide at least $2,000 after tax to meet your financial goals. The revenue calculator, which is free and linked below, will be your trusty companion in this journey.

  1. Adjusting Your Goals as Life Shifts

Life changes, and so can your revenue goals. If you decide to leave the side hustle behind and aim for a total of $6,000 after tax – $4,000 from your partner and $2,000 from your business – that’s your new target. Every dollar you make beyond the $2,000 mark is a step closer to your Profit for Joy foundation, a concept I dive into deeper in Profit for Keeps®.

Want to hear me talk this out?  Watch the video below!

As you navigate the December hustle, remember, your financial journey is unique, and it’s okay to seek guidance. Until next time, have a fantastic December, and I’ll catch you soon!

👉Get the Revenue Calculator here:

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