I was suddenly hurtling down the hill face down!  

My precious helmet provided a crucial one-inch space between my face and the pavement I could see whizzing past.

My bike had literally broken apart right out from under me during my commute ride. This moment changed everything. I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. This moment, and the healing afterward, was my wake-up call and my catalyst.  Something HAD to change in my life.  My health, my very life, depended on it.

Have you ever found yourself in a moment like this?  A crossroads where you just knew you had a vital decision to make that would impact you hugely no matter what you chose?

If someone had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing in 2024, I could never have guessed that I would be a full-time financial coach helping thousands of people shift their energy, processes, and impact around money. 

A money coach is not all that I am, but it’s a huge part of the impact that I now know I am here to make.

I’m sharing the story of how I became a full-time financial coach in this week’s episode of Profit for Joy® TV!

We’ll cover:

  • How I became a financial coach
  • Why financial coaching matters
  • How you might make an impact

💸Reach out to us at support@amberdugger.com to receive more information and the application link for our upcoming Profit for Keeps® Coach certification program!

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  1. Dawn Behm

    I am interested in this coaching program. I already run a beta of coaching female entrepeneurs around money issues and worth, and budgeting, and can learn a lot more. It is such a needed growth point for people myself included.

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